March 6, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

At first, there is nothing but murk. Slowly though, a golden haze begins to form around MeaZea. The bronze appears to have life trapped within the color; a strange thing, to recognize it as a sentient being, just as capable as a dog, or a faun, or a griffin.

It wraps around MeaZea’s arms, tugging her deeper into the water. She goes willingly, eager to find a cure or a solution. Either will work, even if it’s just a temporary one. Saving the moon fae is an important thing, of course, but more important is the idea of fixing the Moon Man’s watch.

The golden haze draws her down, deeper than the lake should be able to go. The foam of water crashing against the surface of the lake vanishes. There is nothing but haze, and water, and the sweet scent of – incense? IT bring to mind a temple that she visited once, far away, in the lands of the clouds.

MeaZea lets the water guide her ever deeper, eventually leading her to a massive hole on the bottom of the lake bed. The cavernous entrance resembles a mouth, looking very much like something had crashed into the thing.

She gasps. “That must be where the starfire crashed!”

Quick as a whip, MeaZea darts down the tunnel. She swims past jagged rocks. The tunnel isn’t dark, though, not the way it should be. It’s filled with the same golden light that had created the haze. It’s filled with life and reality and warning.

The warning has no voice. It’s just a feeling. “Something is wrong about this place,” says MEaZea. “This isn’t just a stone. There’s something down there. Hello? Hello, can you hear me?”

Yes, answers the golden mist. It has been so long since someone has spoken to me. I have missed conversation. I have missed…people.

MeaZea gasps. She swims even quicker. Soon, the massive meteorite that is the star fire comes into view. It’s a stone of pure starlight, from which the golden light exudes.

“I’ve found it,” says MEaZea.

It? I am no it. I am Star Fire.

“Star Fire,” says MeaZea. “It’s not a thing. It’s a name. You have a name!”

I do. I am more than just stone. I am Star Fire. I am reality. I am ruler of this dark ruin, and longer of reality.

The water around the meteorite is filled with warmth. MeaZea stops just shy of the sky born stone. She is utterly confused by this turn of events, but eager to try and solve the problems. She’s worried about WooFZee, of course, and worried about the fate of the night itself.

“The fae,” says MeaZea, seriously. “What did you do to them?”

And the Star Fire responds, exactly what needed to be done.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author