February 11, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

Walking into the vale that surrounds the starshine waterfalls is like walking into a dream. Black hills rise out of the darkness, blanketed in small, glittering star-like flowers. An imprint of the crescent moon has been burnt into the ground, an echo of a time long ago when it was just another part of the vast expanse of sky.

WooFZee is on edge. Every nerve has turned on, feeling electrified. It’s like there’s a massive thunderstorm brewing in the distance, one that only he can feel. His ears twitch, breath hitching as the sound of crashing water floods the air. “We’re almost here. It’s just around the bend.”

“I’m ready,” insists MeaZea. “This is exactly what needs to be done. WooFZee, I know you don’t always like taking these detours, but – ”

“This needs to happen,” finishes WooFZee. “I know. We have to do something. About the night…about this place. I don’t like it, MeaZea. There’s more wrong here than we’ve been told. I don’t know what, but I can feel it in the air. We’re walking into a place of dark secrets.”

MeaZea runs her hand over the side of WooFZee’s face, a gentle and calming gesture. “We’ll be okay. Whatever is in there, we’ve faced worse in the past. You remember when -”

“Don’t do that again,” warns WooFZee. “I can still feel the nostalgia. We need to be careful what we say, so we don’t get trapped in that haze. We have to keep moving, not stand around and share memories.”

MeaZea’s mouth shuts snap so hard that her teeth clack together. A heavy blush spreads across her cheeks. “Right. Why don’t – you should hurry.”

The wolf listens, picking up the pace. He ducks around a large black hill – and there it is, the starshine waterfalls! They are a beautiful thing; four massive falls that crest out of no where, water cascading through the skies and into a massive lake. Their spouts join with each other partway down, forming a singular line of water that hits the surface of the lake. Silver strips of light joint with the water, and a heavy mist billows off the lake, spreading into the vale and feeding the star flowers.

As the duo approach, small golden eyes flicker into existence. They are dotted around the lake, crouched in the mists.

“The fae,” breathes MeaZea. “That must be the fae.”

“Be on your guard,” insists WooFZee. “Remember what the girls said? They aren’t normal any more.”

First one fae stands up, then a second, a third. One after the next, until an army of moon fae are standing around the lake. Each one is only as high as the knee on a human, with skin of pitch black and hair woven from starlight. Their clothing is crafted from the night sky itself, and it shimmers every time that they move.

A fae hisses, showing off three rows of sharp fangs. Her voice is low and rough, like it hasn’t been used in many years. “Get out! This water is ours!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author