January 31, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

Clearly, Almitak and her sisters aren’t happy with the announcement. They hem, and they haw, and they trade glances with each other. Finally, Almitak shakes her head. The images vanish from the air, leaving nothing behind but a vague shimmer.

“Alright,” she says, in that lilting, tilting voice of hers. “You must promise to be careful though. That land, it’s far from safe.”

MeaZea smiles. She reaches out, taking one of Almitak’s hands in her own. It fluctuates and shimmers under the touch. She says, “I’ve been to many places over the years. We have seen dangers beyond comprehension, and faced struggles that I never want to speak about again. But through it all, we have risen, and we have come out stronger. The Moon Man has asked us to go speak with the fae, and so we will.”

WooFZee wags his tail in approval. “All you need to do is point us in the right direction.”

The right direction, it turns out, is marked by a particular line of twinkling stars. They are a shade too dark compared to the others, and serve as a very nice map. MeaZea keeps track of them, pointing out their twists and turns, and WooFZee does the walking.

It’s a reminder, he thinks, suddenly over come with a feeling of nostalgia, of how well they work together.

Perhaps it’s something in the air, because MeaZea lets out a tinkling laugh. “Do you remember when we first met? You were so grumpy about having to carry me!”

“It wasn’t about you,” insists WooFZee, but there’s no biting back his grin. “It was just about having to help someone else. I was in a hurry and – ”

“You had absolutely no where to be,” interrupts MeaZea. She drapes herself over the wolf’s back, wrapping him up in a tight hug. “You were just being difficult.”

WooFZee lets out a bark of laughter. His paws are tingling. The darkness wraps around his nails and clings to it, even when he picks them up for the next step. “I had plans!”

“For what?”

“Eating,” answers the wolf, cheekily. “And sleeping.”

MeaZea laughs too, stretching up to give WooFZee’s ear a light tug. “Rotten thing.”

The sound of water crashing floods into existance. Around the duo, the night air shimmers and shifts. It gets darker, as if there are shadows rising up around them and forming a wall. Strange streaks of purple and green light streak across the air above them.

The nostalgic feeling doesn’t end. If anything, it gets stronger. MeaZea looks up and she thinks, I’ve seen something like this before.

The thought is there and then gone. She says, “we must be getting close to the waterfalls. Can you smell them?”

“I can’t smell anything out here,” responds WooFZee. His steps grow slower and more hesitant but they don’t stop completely. “I can hear it, though. And – I can feel it. There’s something in the air. Those lights? They taste – ”

“Like cinnamon,” finishes MeaZea, with a slight nod of her head. She stays draped over WooFZee’s body, suddenly unwilling to sit back up. “And something else.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author