January 20, 2017 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

Long ago, the starshine waterfalls had been known for their beauty. They ran, not just with water, but with silver light. Mists had billowed out around the place where water touched ground, a veritable place of fantasy.

At least, this is the picture that Alnitak paints. She drags her hands through the air. Golden dust falls from her finger tips, and it takes on the shape of the falls.

“We went there often, my sisters and I. It was a place of beauty, of magic.” A faint smile tugs at Alnitak’s lips. She is painted in starlight, and the same golden dust that is created with each flowing motion. “But then, everything changed.”

Mintaka drops down from where she had been dancing among the constellation. Despite being the youngest of the three sisters, she is also the tallest. Bronze light bursts from her fingers, joining the golden dust that Alnitak creates; the picture suddenly seems darker. Bronze light forms a glow above the waterfalls.

“That’s when the starfire appeared,” says Mintaka. “It came from nowhere. We weren’t expecting anything like it!”

MeaZea asks, “what exactly is it?”

Mintaka says, “watch.”

Slowly, the bronze light moves closer to the golden waterfalls. Upon touching the tops of the natural fountain, the bronze light vanished into the water, melting away like ice on a summer’s day.

Feeling quite like she’s missed out on something important, MeaZea shakes her head. “I’m just not seeing it. What’s so bad about the starfire?”

“It tainted the water,” says Mintaka. “At first, we thought it would go away. The longer that the starfire was there, though, the worse it got. First it was the water – ”

“Then the air,” chimes the eldest sister.

Mintaka nods. “Finally, it was the lands around it. We thought that just staying away from the starshine falls would be enough, but the fae wouldn’t leave. They said it was their home!”

Suddenly, WooFZee’s ears perk up. Something about this story is deeply disturbing, but he can’t figure out what, exactly, it is. The words make his skin crawl, make his heart beat a little faster. He demands, “what happened to the fae?”

The two sisters trade glances, eyes heavy and dark with sorrow. They knot their fingers together, as if desperately trying to draw strength from each other.

Mintaka is the one that speaks, finally, but her voice is cracked with despair. “They stayed behind, and they paid the price for it. Their bodies have been twisted into something grotesque and their magic stripped into something far more fitting evil folk. They attack any who dare encroach on their lands.”

Almitak adds, “it’s best if you change course, my friends. Those falls are beyond dangerous.”

She’s right.

WooFZee can tell. It’s a sense that all animals are given and one that he has honed nearly to perfection.

This will be dangerous – and still, something draws him towards the falls. It tugs on his heart, on his very soul. He says, “we’ll take our chances. Right, MeaZea?”

The mermaid is clearly surprised that she doesn’t need to convince him. Eyes wide and lips curling, she nods her head. “Right. We must go there. It’s not an option.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author