November 3, 2016 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

There is no light.

It sets WooFZee on edge. Every good hunter knows that things lurk in the dark, and every good warrior knows that they are seldom welcome. After all, eveyrone is born with an innate fear of the shadows, and of the creatures lurking there.

For him, the fact that even his sharp canine eyes can’t pick up on shapes is a dying point. Concerned and on edge, he growls out, “are you still in here?”

“Where else would I be? I am now allowed to leave,” answers the voice. “Just as you are not allowed to stay. Tell me, did Thanatas send you?”
 “She did,” answers MeaZea. “She said you could help us get out of here. That you would help us find the portal that led back to our reality.”

“I will,” says the voice. “Walk straight ahead. There’s a pool of water. Stand in it, and close your eyes.”

WooFZee hesitates. “Why?”

“Because it will turn on the light,” says the voice.

MeaZea urges, “just go ahead, WooFZee. If we want to get out of here, we’re going to have to start trusting more.”

You don’t trust things that live in the dark. All the same, WooFZee doesn’t argue with his mermaid companion. He just steps forward until cold water sloshes around his paws, and then he closes his eyes.


The images of the constellations flash through WooFZee’s mind. Finally, the burning image of the North Star fills his mind.

The word is accompanied by a flash of light, bright enough that he can see it through closed lids. The voice says, “you can open them.”

WooFZee does – only to come face to face with a deer that appears to be made from the stars themselves. The constellations play out in an ever changing loop on her pelt, and her eyes share the same light as the North Star itself.

“I am Elbath,” says the deer. “Guardian of the North Star, and of this cavern. I know that you are unaware of the powers you have over this world, but that pays no matter. If you want to get out of here, then your companion of the sea is right. You must trust me.”

WooFZee doesn’t. He nods his head all the same. “Right. So – how do we get out of here?”

“Follow me.” Elbath turns and leads the duo to the other end of the cavern. The black wall is solid. “We walk through here.”

“That’s a wall,” says MeaZea.

“No,” says Elbath. “That’s a doorway. Just trust me.”

And then the star studded deer turns and walks right into the stone – and through it!


Katelynn E Koontz – Author