October 5, 2016 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

WooFZee’s words turn out to be a cue of sort. The beach has never been welcoming but, in that moment, it is something even worse. The land that the adventurous duo are in, mind you, is that of the mirror world. It is a twisted reflection of reality, something that is neither true nor false.

And, with the spell of the stars broken, it’s even worse. Great cracks spread out through the ground, sending plumes of white smoke spiraling in the air. It’s like a whale has lain beneath the ground, spouting it up, turning sand into choking mist.

MeaZea screams and covers her face with her arms. Purple and green lights flood the sky. The earth turns malleable beneath them, causing WooFZee to startle and stagger forwards. His paws churn up earth like fresh made butter. It clings to the pads of his feet.

In a motion that is both new and familiar – both relished and missed – MeaZea grabs hold of the great wolf’s fur and hauls herself up onto his back.

MeaZea shouts, “what’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” answers WooFZee. “But we need to get out of here!”

He takes off, racing over the shore line, but there is no change. All around the duo, the world seems to be breaking. The fine strings of belief and hope that kept the mirror world tethered closer to the place of reality have been severed, fading away with Pao and the lack of longing to have a wish come true.

For you see, this mirror world is a reflection, not just of the earth, but of a person’s inner most thoughts. And, in this moment, WooFZee’s heart is a storm; rage and disbelief, joy and love, acceptance and denial, these feelings are all fighting for dominance. And, too, this storm is echoed in MeaZea, who is still struggling to understand why Pao was taken, who only has the basest understanding of this strange world.

WooFZee scrambles up the nearby cliffs. He has no guiding star to help him. Pieces of shale flake off beneath his paws. The ground feels like water. Before him, a strange new world stretches out. In the very distance, a plume of fire bursts from the ground and into the air. Heavy clouds of black smoke surround it.

MeaZea shouts, “run!”

“To where?”

“Anywhere,” says MeaZea. “Anywhere but here!”

Katelynn E Koontz – Author