October 4, 2016 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

Flip her hair back.

The words echo in WooFZee’s mind. He staggers forward, lost in the siren’s song. “Put your hair back.”

The woman says, “don’t you trust me.”

“I do, but Pao doesn’t. He needs to see your face,” says WooFZee.

The woman draws back. Tendrils of dark water wrap around her body. She looks demonic, almost – she looks haphazard and strange. “I won’t do it. You’re supposed to trust me! You’re supposed to trust me, WooFZee! I’ve always trusted you!”

“You question me plenty,” says WooFZee. “As you should. I’m just like everyone else. I make mistakes. I make bad choices!”

“Don’t question me,” says the woman.

And just like that, the spell is almost broken. The links are weak. The magic is fading. The siren, for that’s what she is, raises up both her hands. The black water wraps around them, seeps up her wrists, into her arms. It changes her skin, turning it dark blue and raised. Her entire body is scaled, right up to her face – that’s where the first splash of white is, peeking out from behind bedraggled hair.

“Get her hair,” shouts Pao.

WooFZee is still weighed down on confusion. His base instincts respond to the command. He darts forward, body slowed down by the water and the strange feeling that comes with running under the waves. His body slams into the siren’s side, sending her sprawling through the surf.

Pao, too, leaps upon the siren. He grabs handfuls of hair and pushes it back – revealing a single crystaline eye. The siren screams and writhes, as if the few pockets of light in the cavern are too bright for it.

“No,” wails the siren. “No! I can’t let you have her! I won’t let you have her!”

But even as the siren screams and thrashes, the black water constricts around her. It wraps the siren up, tighter and tighter, until finally she bursts. Pale silver bubbles flood out into the cave. They, too, are snatched up by the black water.

When the last bubble is gone, the water dispells. WooFZee shakes his head, as if he can physically dispell the confusion. With his mind and vision cleared, it’s possible to set his sights on the golden circlets that keep MeaZea captive.

“There she is,” says WooFZee. “That’s her. That has to be her.”

Pao nods. “The question is, how do we get her out of there?”

“I don’t know,” says WooFZee. “In fact, I was hoping that you were going to give me the answer. You’ve held them all so far.”

“Have I?”

“You have.”

“I don’t think so,” says Pao. “I don’t feel like I have any answers at all.”

WooFZee swims towards the cage that keeps his friend – his sister – his pack leader – captive. He says, “you have. So look at this now, Pao, and tell me how to get her out. Tell me what to do. That’s what stars are here for, right?”

“Stars are meant to guide,” says Pao, softly.

WooFZee nods. “Right. So guide me.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author