August 22, 2016 | Posted in The Mermaid & The WolF Adventures

When the light cleared, an old man stood in place of the egg. He was tall and slender, impossibly so. It looked as though the flesh of a younger man had been pulled over the Elder Star’s bones. Thick waves of white hair hung from his head, though the top was bare, and his beard was so long that it had to be slung over one shoulder.

White robes adorned his frame, making him appear sickly. The Elder Star did not smile, but there was something soft and welcoming about his eyes. Dull blue scales circled his eyes and stretched across the bridge of his nose; red and green scales, equally dull, vanished beneath the folds of his robes.

“You have come to me,” says the Elder Star. “You have come with a question. What is your question?”

“I’ve lost my friend,” says WooFZee, stretching one leg forward and stretching down into a partial bow. “And I was told that you could help me.”

“Elder Star,” breaths Pao, dipping into a hurried bow of his own. “I can’t believe that I finally found you.”

“Your friend is missing,” echoed the Elder Star. “And you have come to me for help. Who took her?”

“The one who released the fallen star,” says WooFZee. For a reason that he couldn’t place, the woman’s name escaped him.

The Elder Star nodded. “Your friend has lost what meant the most to her. What meant the most to her?”

Pao says, “her ability to travel, I believe.”

“Then she has been trapped in a land where she can no longer travel. I have seen her. I see her now, even, the mermaid with the heart of gold. She has been pulled deep into a canyon beneath the waters, bound there by circlets of gold.” The Elder Star lifts up one hand. A portal forms between his fingers, stretching there like webbing. In the webbing, MeaZea can be seen.

The mermaid is asleep, curled up inside of a bubble. The bubble is encased by two golden circlets.

WooFZee looks horrified. “I can’t get to her if she’s beneath the water!”

“You can,” says the Elder Star. “Take a scale from my hide, and hold it under your tongue. You will be able to find her, WooFZee, child of the dragons.”

Pao steps forward. Hesitantly, he asks, “and what of me, Elder Star? Can I make it into the real world now?”

“You can,” says the Elder Star. “But only if you leave now. If you stay to help the wolf and the mermaid, then you shall miss your chance and be taken back into the sky.”

The rain started to lighten up. When it stopped, another rush of blue and white light engulfed the Elder Star. With the last clap of thunder gone, WooFZee and Pao found themselves once more standing before a stone egg. A single dull blue scale lay on the ground in front of it.

“I guess it’s back to the ocean for me,” says WooFZee, nudging the scale with his paw. “And goodbye for you.”

But Pao shakes his head and says, “I can’t leave you.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author