September 11, 2015 | Posted in Sports Celebrities Teams & Pups

El-Paso-Chihuahuas-Cover-1It’s about time dogs dominated the world of sports, dontcha think?

These days, you can’t throw a bone without knocking into a national league, minor league, college level, high school or even middle school team or mascot named after, modeled after or talked about like a flesh and blood canine. Which is cool, since dogs love attention!

Along those lines, in October 2013, the Minor League Baseball organization announced that the “newest Triple-A baseball team in the country [to compete] as the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres” would be the relocated and renamed El Paso Chihuahuas.

The team will begin playing in its new Texas-based ballpark as of Spring 2014.

MountainStar Sports Group, which is managing ballpark construction, recently led a brand-launch event unveiling a litter of new logos and answering questions related to the submission and choice of team names. Alan Ledford, the group’s president, offered the following explanation.

“We want to appeal to kids and families—our core audience,” he said. “We want to celebrate the region, create fan experience opportunities and build a brand that embodies the fun product that Minor League Baseball teams are all about.”

El-Paso-Chihuahuas-Cover-2Well, okay then! It really is hard to think of an animal more fun or fiesty than a Chihuahua.

Except a Jack Russell Terrier, but that wouldn’t translate well to a team name: The El Paso Jack Russell Terriers just doesn’t have the same bite to it. The MiLB says 5,000+ fans submitted names via the team’s website and that the winner meets lots of important criteria.

It’s creative. It’s marketable. It’s fun. It’s available to trademark. And it’s relevant to the area, with a University of Texas map showing El Paso in the northeastern corner of the Chihuahua Desert. Along with the new name, a new team website was rolled out:

“Look at the name and logos through the eyes of a child,” Ledford adds, “and you can’t help but smile.”

We second that emotion! Shae Vierra is said to have submitted the winning moniker through the online “Name the Team” contest. She will receive a pair of Chihuahua’s season tickets, a jersey that’s personalized and the chance to throw out a ceremonial pitch at the season opener.

Among the multiple team logos, there is an image of a Chihuahua swinging a bone as if it were a bat. Nice! A spiked collar, crossed bones and chew-‘em-up-spit-‘em-out baseball also highlight his fighting spirit. Previously, the team was called the Padres and was based in Tucson, Ariz.

Go, Chihuahuas, go!