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Are you a sports fan? Perhaps more importantly, do you have an athletic pet?

Search for Denver Broncos dog collars, ID tags, leashes and other assorted goodies and do you know what you’ll find? You’ll find a whole lotta merchandise, that’s for sure! In stores, online and elsewhere there’s a ton of dog swag out there for the taking. Just poke around and see.

Why the Denver Broncos, you ask? Because outside of the Kansas City Chiefs, they are the only other NFL team that’s undefeated so far this season (2013-2014) with (6) wins and (0) losses. And, while I know KC is a great place for BBQ, I know for sure Denver is a dog friendly city!

And do you know what else? The Broncos are a community-oriented organization.

Through its “Champions in the Community” outreach programs, the Denver Broncos organization encourages staff, players and fans to score a touchdown by building, caring, curing, giving, inspiring, living, nourishing, playing, providing, being of service and succeeding as volunteers.

By partnering with the Mile High United Way for Hometown Huddle, the Broncos encourage community members across Denver to dedicate at least one day a year in service to others. That includes volunteering at animal shelters, where they can walk dogs and cuddle with puppies.

In a nutshell, when others have it “ruff” the Broncos are quick to respond.

And the team has a dedicated Pet Supplies page on its official online pro shop. The more than one dozen items available for purchase include stainless steel pet bowls, a Denver Broncos pet bed, a flying rope disc toy and more than one Broncos logo dog harness to choose from.

Do you know what’s easiest to appreciate about the Denver Broncos? Let me call your attention to the December 18, 2011, Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots game. You can watch a repeat performance, as the magic unfolds, on YouTube. And, for the record, the Broncos lost.

But, is there anything more priceless than a monkey riding a dog at half time? I think not!

Here is a video of the Monkey riding the Dog??