September 11, 2015 | Posted in Sports Celebrities Teams & Pups

College-Dog-Mascots-275PXDog breeds, common dog names and other animal or bird breeds and common animal or bird names have worked their way deep into the soul of American sports. But, from the pee wee level all the way up through the pros, team names often seem to take a cue from canines.

So we turned to Wikipedia, where we found an A-to-Z list of college mascot names longer than a prime real estate dog run. In fact, the only two letters which didn’t match up to a mascot name were “Q” and “X”. Shall we remedy that? Our suggestions include Quake and Xena!

Online, we found a bunch of dog-inspired college mascot names we love and think you’ll get a kick out of. ‘Cause, really, it’s hard not to go “bow wow” over some of their origins, explanations and plain old inventiveness. Our favorites, from that list, would have to include:

Bernie – a costumed St. Bernard (Siena College)

Blizzard – “official” Husky mascot (St. Cloud State University)

Blizzard T. Husky – a hockey ice skating Husky (Michigan Tech)

Boss – a Boston Terrier mascot (Wofford College)

Bully – live and costumed Bulldog mascots (Mississippi State University)

Champ – costumed (Louisiana Tech University) and live (University of Minnesota at Duluth) Bulldog mascots

Colonel “Rocky” Rock – a Bulldog mascot (Western Illinois Leathernecks) Dubs – a live Husky mascot (University of Washington)

Friar Boy – a live Dalmatian mascot (Providence College)

Hairy Dawg – a costumed Bulldog (University of Georgia)

Indy – a Greyhound mascot (University of Indianapolis)

King Husky – a live Husky mascot (Northeastern University)

Lulu – a female Bulldog mascot (Gardner-Webb University)

Paws – a Husky mascot (Northeastern University)

Porterhouse – a live Bulldog mascot (Drake University)

Ralphie – a costumed Greyhound mascot (Eastern New Mexico University)

Reveille – a live Collie (Texas A&M) who’s cared for by cadets

Rhett the Boston Terrier – a Boston Terrier (Boston University)

Roongo the Husky – a Husky mascot (Bloomsburg University)

The Saluki Dog – a live mascot (Southern Illinois)

Scotty the Scottie Dog – a Scottish Terrier “official” mascot (Carnegie Mellon University)

Spike & Simone – two Bulldog mascots (Truman State University)

Tech – a live Bulldog mascot (Louisiana Tech University)

Timeout – a costumed Bulldog mascot (Fresno State)

Uga – a live Bulldog “official” mascot (University of Georgia)

Victor E. Huskie – a Husky mascot (Northern Illinois University)

Wakiza or “Kiza” – a live Husky mascot (Houston Baptist University) whose name, Wikipedia notes, “means Warrior Princess”

Certainly, not all mascot names reference dogs. Many wouldn’t even be suitable dog names … by any stretch of the imagination! Take, for instance, “Artie the Fighting Artichoke” representing Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. Or American University’s mascot: “Clawed Z. Eagle”.

Do you know of any interesting, dog-related mascot names we don’t? If so, let us know!