August 18, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

The second commercial is by Audi. It’s funny, but some humans think it may be just a little creepy. Ya’ have to keep reminding yourself that this is make-believe.
A girl human and a boy human love their dogs so much that they won’t give either one up to live happily with one family pet.

What do girl and boy human do? They breed their doggies in a very unlikely match. Girl human owns a Chihuahua; boy human has a Doberman Pincer. Their offspring is a funky looking “Doberhuahua” with a mind of its own. (Who’s gonna’ stop it, anyway? Huh?)This pretty unusual, pushy pooch ends up with a giant Doberman head and the tiny body of a Chihuahua.

Well, humans are impressed, amazed, aghast (that means kinda’ horrified ARF!), freaked out and, in most scenes, are running for cover!

Audi’s message? “We won’t compromise.”

The marketing spokespeople for the ad make a point that combining concepts isn’t always a good idea and that their Audi 3 doesn’t ask consumers to compromise their choices or standards.

Hah!! Pretty clever, dontcha’ think? Bark?