August 18, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star


OMG! This is soooo cool!!! BARKBARKBARK!!!!!!!

Here I am in Sochi at the Winter Olympics!! Can you believe it??? ARFARFARF?????

I’ve met a great bunch of proud pooches here, and we’ve decided to call ourselves the US CANINE CRUSADERS team!!

We’re from all over the US; and we’re all shapes and sizes!

We’ve got terriers; we’ve got huskies (they LOVE it here in the snow!); we’ve got Chihuahuas  (won’t don’t love it that much; I mean, they shiver, anyway); we’ve got retrievers, hounds and even a poodle or two — who are usually seen sipping tea in the recreational areas. EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME!! HAHHAHLOLBARK!

We’ve tried all the neat sports: snowboarding, ice skating, figure skating — that’s when you skate in the shape of the number 8; in our case, the shape is acrazy eight, if you know what I mean! HAH! Or, our most common shape: the perfect zero!

My favorite sport is ice Frisbee. Boy, you can really work up some speed on ice! Playing in the back yard when I get home just won’t be the same. Here, at the Olympics, I fly like the wind!

We’ve tobogganed — now, that’s just fun! We’ve even luged. The sport of “luge” just seems silly to me. How humans can lay down on something that looks like a clothes hanger and whip around those curves, beats me!

We even went to the “curling” event. We thought we were going to be groomed! NOPE!!! BOOBARK!

“Curling” is an event on ice and is as exciting as watching grass grow. They told us to leave when we chased all those little things that look like helmets all around the rink.

There were enough of them so everyone had their own little slider. WOWWWEEEE! It got a little crazy.

I’ll be home soon . . . with or without medals!