August 18, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star



I mean, we’re all stars in our own lives, in our own way, right?

But, I mean real stars. In a pampered kind of way.

Now, this is all fun and games, humans!

Take a look at the following scenarios and decide if you have a budding celeb in your midst!

1. The ideal day out for your dog is:

  • Fun in the sun; Frisbee on the beach
  • Hiking in the woods and communing with nature
  • Reflecting buy a fire
  • Volunteering and defending the weak
  • Shopping for a rhinestone collar and having his/her nails done

2. Your dog has been unsupervised for the day. Upon your return:

  • Your dog is waiting at the door and wildly happy to see you.
  • Your couch cushions have been reduced to foam and feathers and the dog doesn’t seem to realize anything is wrong
  • Your dog gives you the cold shoulder
  • There’s a little present for you on the kitchen floor
  • Your dog follows you everywhere you go.

3. Another dog charges you and your dog at the park. Your dog:

  • Rolls over on his/her back in submission, trying to make a new friend
  • Barks and snaps at the intruder
  • Stands behind you
  • Stiffens and snarls
  • Cries

4. At a disc-throw competition, your dog:

  • Eagerly competes
  • Watches and daydreams
  • Decides he/she will compete next year
  • Takes home the trophy

5. Luxury for your dog means:

  • Curling up on the couch with family members
  • Making a mess; jumping in leaves, garbage cans, laundry or your sock drawer
  • Having gourmet, organic treats
  • Adorable doggie clothes
  • Mastering the treat-dispensing toy

6. If your dog were a Superhero, he/she would be:

  • Batman
  • Superman or Superwoman
  • Spiderman
  • The Hulk

7. Your dog orders a meal in a restaurant. It arrives cold. Your dog:

  • Throws a fit
  • Politely asks to replace the meal
  • Doesn’t notice and keeps eating
  • Laughs it off and tips appropriately

8. Your dog is getting ready for a big date and is choosing music. What would it be?

  • World music with African drum beats
  • Classical and sophisticated piano
  • Sassy and sexy
  • Bob Marley

9. Your dog’s ideal mate would be:

  • A Pug
  • A Jack Russell Terrier
  • A Rottweiler’
  • A Golden Retriever
  • A Poodle

10. Your dog’s ideal vacation would be:

  • Partying on the dance floor in Belize
  • Sailing on a private yacht in the Florida Keys
  • A comedy cruise in Alaska
  • Building houses for Habitat for Humanity in the Dominican Republic

11. Your dog is going to the Oscars! What’s his/her style on the Red carpet?

  • High fashion chic. Maybe Wang or Versace.
  • Whimsical vintage
  • Tux and tails
  • Love child retro, puka shells and jeans

Nobody knows your precious pooch better than you! Rock star or bone digger, your dog is a one-of-a-kind friend forever, with his/her own personality and style!

Is your doggie a Hollywood hopeful or a homey couch warmer?