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I’m calling them “hunks” because girl humans think they are. Girl humans also like hunks with doggies — and sometimes even like us more than their heartthrob hunks! GIGGLESOTRUEARF!

As if he wasn’t cute enough all by himself (according, of course, to girl humans), Ryan Gosling brings his mixed shaggy friend named George everywhere. Late night talk show hosts end up interviewing both of them!

Justin Timberlake has 3 dogs: Buckley and Brennan (bull dogs) and Billy, a new Lab/Pit Bull mix puppy. Justin has certainly morphed into the man-about-town and looks the part in his new gigs: adorned in tie and tux. Do ya’ think he walks the dogs all dressed up like that?

Zac Ephron (though cute … according to girl humans … HOHUMARF!) isn’t very creative when naming his pets. His dog is named Puppy; his cat is named Cat; his rabbit is Rabbit, but his baby kangaroo is named Joey.

Manly man, Hugh Jackman, has a French bulldog. People thought he’d have a German shepherd or a Huskie or something fierce.


Peaches is her name.

John Hamm’s German shepherd mix, Cora, does just fine with the Mad Man star. She hasn’t appeared yet on the show, but I think her drink of choice would still be water in her favorite bowl.

Cora did appear with John a long time ago on an animated TV series.

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