August 18, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Ellen-DeGeneres-350PXRemember when Ellen actually cried on TV after the drama of what the media called, “Iggy-gate”?

Iggy was the little mixed breed dog Ellen adopted from an organization called Mutts and Moms in Los Angeles. Shortly after Iggy joined her family, Ellen sadly realized that her cat was not going to let Iggy live in the home.  As much she hoped they could peacefully live together, she sadly realized that that was not going to happen. Ugh! Heartbreaking and real!!! Oh, boohoosniffleslurp!

So Ellen did the right thing. She separated them (before the fur flew) and gave Iggy to her hairdresser/makeup artist from her show. This individual was married, had two young daughters; a nice home and jumped at the chance to become Iggy’s new human mom.

Somewhere along the way, Mutts and Momsdiscovered the re-adoption, which they say violated a stipulation in the adoption contract that if the pet could not be kept in the adopter’s home, it had to be returned to Mutts and Moms.

Ellen was nothing but honest in admitting that she had innocently turned Iggy over to his new family without fuss. Her intent was not to violate any written rule, but find a proper home for the dog if she couldn’t keep him, herself.

Mutts and Moms went to the home of the new owners for what they called a home inspection. They were not to take the dog with them — but they did. Police were called. When they scanned Iggy’s security chip, it registered back toMutts and Moms.

The hairdresser and her husband cried. Their daughters cried. Ellen cried, publicly, apologizing to all, but mostly to Iggy for upsetting his sense of security and causing him to be passed around to others before he found a forever home . . . which he eventually did.

Iggys was adopted once more (and for good) by a suitable, loving family. The details of this move were never revealed, with good reason.