August 18, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Bob-Barker-350PXBARKBARKBARKBARK ——- er!!! Get it?????

Bob Barker loves and speaks for us!! (Way to woof!!)

When he isn’t playing games on TV and spinning big circles with numbers on them and humans are jumping up and down and screaming with joy, he’s telling us at the end of every show of The Price is Right, to “spay or neuter your pet”. And most times, he introduces a shelter pet on the show, too. They’re so lucky to be held by the lovely ladies who demonstrate all those luxurious gifs people can win.

Bob uses his “celebrity” to speak out on pet over-population and hopes people will listen. He says that 70 to 75% of stray male dogs do what adult males do: “look for romance”, according to Bob, and/or are euthanized.

And some that do find their way to shelters may also be put to sleep simply because there isn’t enough space to properly house the overflow of orphaned pets. People even come into shelters with full litters of cats or dogs they’ve found or cannot care for themselves. Not all animals make it. It’s impossible to find homes for all of them.

Bob used to host both the Miss USA and Miss America pageants on TV. One year the contestants were to walk out wearing fur coats over their bathing suits. Bob threatened to remove himself from the shows if the fur coats remained. The fur coats were replaced with another kind of cover up and Bob stayed put.

Good for you, Bob BARK-er!!

“Pets are living creatures,” said Bob in a YouTube interview. “It’s not like you’re buying a lamp or a vacuum cleaner. The average pet lives anywhere from 10 to 15 years and some, longer. They become part of your home and your life.”