August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

JenniferLoveHewitt-350PXOOOOOOOOOOOOH! She’s soooooo pretty! And sooooo nice! And she loves us, really loves us!!!

Gratefularf! Gratefularf!

She’s actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. She really didn’t need the middle name, “love”, because she’s all about giving it to everyone around her — especially to one lucky guy named, Duke!

That may sound like a real Hollywood name, but the truth is that Dude is Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd (like me!) and Catahoula Hound … oh, and some wolf. Jennifer says his special blend makes him “the very first American dog”.

Jennifer should be a spokesperson for humans and dogs! She has lots of respect for rescue dogs and plans to make her relationship with Dude a life commitment! She says earning trust is a two-way street, just as it is in human relationships.

(Awwww. I’d trust her with my favorite bone, wouldn’t you? SLURP!)

A dog’s love is unconditional and this screen beauty knows it, first hand — or first paw! She knows how to make us happy, and it’s so simple, really: feed us, love us, take care of us. Dontcha’ just love simplicity and getting back to the things that really count? Arf?

On the set of The Client List, Duke even has his own trailer! How cooool!  It says “Duke’s Room” on the door. He’s got water and treats and loves visits from cast members. If you can’t find someone for a scene, Jennifer says they’re probably in Duke’s Room!

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~ Reggie