August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Part-66-VernadetteYa’ see? This is yet another name that sounds like it should be something else, but after a while you get used to it and it suits her just fine.

She’s a very optimistic golden retriever, despite her uncanny ability to attract disasters. She jokes about it, but underneath it all, she turns to the rest of us for support and acceptance. (You’ve come to the right place, Vernie! SMILECUDDLEFACELICK!)

The father of her two kids (Eddie Mack and Zandra — there we are again with names) is named Merl, or Verl, or Burl or something like that. And he just doesn’t seem good enough for our very loving friend!

Young Eddie Mack was taken to dog jail a couple of times and Zandra ran off with a cult that worships meercats.

Life’s a challenge for our Vern. When a tree fell in and crushed the roof of her house, it knocked Burl’s set of deer antlers off the wall. She tried to catch them but broke an arm trying.

She’s shown up in neck braces, on crutches and once she was wearing a clown suit, ruffles and all. Something about Burl taking all her regular clothes away from her so she couldn’t come to one of our reunions.  See what I mean, about him? Just once I’d like to “accidentally” give him a little nip that would make him yelp! Vern, however, is resourceful and ran all the way to meet us dressed up in this clown suit. Actually, it probably kept a lot of humans (and dogs!) away from her so she could just keep running until she got to us!

If Sheree is crazy about her healthy food, Vern is just as crazy about biscuits, of all things! Another Southern oddity, I guess. Even when there was a state of emergency issued during a hurricane one year, Vern was calmly at work in the kitchen rolling out biscuit dough.

God, they were fluffy and puffy and oh-so-good!