August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Part-63-LexieThere just isn’t enough time and space to describe Lexie, our precious white poodle pal. But, don’t worry. If I can’t do it, Lexie, herself, will sit up real straight, park herself at your feet and talk all about herself . . . and her many boyfriends . . . for hours on end.

She’s very intelligent and perceptive, but seems to feel that if she concentrates on being outwardly social and pretty, she’ll meet all the right guys, especially the ones who can take care of her in the rich style to which she’s become accustomed.

Over time, she has accumulated so many ritzy dog houses, dog mobiles, dog skis, bejeweled collars and leashes and a lot of “personal bodily improvements” (if you get my woof).

She’s always trying to look  younger than she is, and although she’s very cute, she just continues to lookoutside herself (instead of who she really is, inside). So, she’s always having her nails clipped, her paws massaged, her fur nipped and tucked and actually dyed all kinds of colors . . . which does get her attention, yes. (OMG Lexie! It’s not always about YOU! BARKBARKGIRL!)

But, just when you think you know who she is, she’ll go and do something that really throws ya’ a curve, like saying something intelligent or curling up with you to give you a hug.