August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Part-62-ShereeSheree is a very athletic, pale grey Greyhound. (Well – she is! Being grey doesn’t make her a Greyhound, though. Got it? ARFARFGOOD.)

She’s personable and kind of sizes you up before she decides if she likes you or not. If she likes you she’ll do anything for you. But, if she doesn’t, just stay clear of her — unless you intend to be nice and cooperative.

What she values most is loyalty and sincerity. And she is very fair to us all and humans!

I love her laugh. She almost looks like a happy human when she laughs so hard, that her eyes water. Then she looks at you like she doesn’t know where the water came from.

She’s a very big health and fitness nut and loves to take charge of things and make endless schedules. (But, we still like her. AW. ARF.)

The one thing we are not crazy about though, are her dog hors d’oeuvres. Every year we suffer through trying to eat them and she hasn’t caught on that we usually end up depositing them in a potted plant to hide them or burying them near an old tree, outside.

Her latest creation was some little round balls made of mung bean paste, goji berries and herring oil. I KID YOU NOT. It tasted like moldy grout. And you can only keep ‘em in your mouth for a very short time, before you nearly burst looking for a place to park ‘em!

Sheree recently became a grandmother! At first, the news upset her schedule to remain young for at least another five to seven years. But she got used to her new title and ended up falling in love with adorable Carly.

( . . . whose pictures never stop coming!!!!! BARK!)