August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star


Halloween is OLD!

There’s no translation for this in “dog”, but the word Halloween — first used around 1745 —   is a combination of Scottish words, All Hallow’s Eve, which became known as Hallow e’en or een.

Maybe those humans said, “Happy Hallows” or “Happy E’en” or maybe “Happy Een” or maybe nothing like that at all.

The one sure thing was that Halloween was a time for good-natured pranks (tricks), goodies (treats) and parties on the night before All Saints Day, in Christian cultures.

One of the most famous symbols of Halloween is the Jack-o’-Lantern, or a hollowed (not hallowed) out pumpkin with a candle inside to light up the expression carved on the outside.

(In Ireland and Scotland, they used turnips because they didn’t have pumpkins.)

Folk lore has it that Jack led a life of “sin and drink”. Heaven didn’t want him, nor did the Devil, who did toss Jack a fiery coal. Jack may have been down and out, but he was inventive and placed the coal inside his own humble little turnip to light his way as he looked for a place to rest.

In The picture on the top right, that must be Jack, the biggest pumpkin, right there up top. ‘Looks like he found some other homeless friends, destined to wander.