August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Reggie-Part-49-400PXHowl-O-Ween is almost here!!!

What a great time for dogdom and humanity!

Time to have some fun!

Time to step out of the usual and into the unusual!

Time to dress up and assume new identities — at least for a little while!

And the biggest fun part is choosing what new identities we’ll assume for HOWL-O-Ween this year!! Those choices can be expected orunexpected, depending on how you think or how silly you want to be.

Last year was exceptional for me, clever doggie that I am!


I assumed a few identities all in one night:

I was a trash can; not hard to do in a big silver trash bag.

I was a footstool covered in Aunt Patty’s afghan.

And I was a small tree — or bush — depending how tall the other person looking at it, was! (By the way, I told my friends to NOT mistake me for a place to “go” when they were out for a walk! BARKbark! Go away! It’s me. Reggie!!!)


And  here’s the great part:

I kept moving around just when the humans thought I was an inanimate (that means STAYSITPLAYDEAD in my language) object!

As a trash can, I moved down the street, house to house and whenever someone would try to “deposit” something inside, I’d run away!

Marilyn shouted, “Eeeeeek”, when she tried to rest her feet on Aunt Patty’s footstool and it moved across the room!

And, as a little tree, I’d just observe — even when my friends knew it was me! Once they found me out, I’d relocate!