August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star


These guys are so versatile and certainly not camera shy. Ready for their names?

Kodak and Nikon.


What an inspiration they are to other musical canines and also to humans who have never been able to pick their way through “Three Blind Mice” on a piano.

They are captivating as a piano duo. The fellow on the upright has real stage presence, if ya’ ask me. (Yupbarkarf, for sure.) Such showmanship. Hey, that’s what they called Liberace: Mr. Showmanship! I think I even see a resemblance, don’t you?

As if a piano duo wasn’t enough, they have expanded their love of music to include guitar and drums! Their technique is catchy — endearing — artistically compelling.

When musical talent is so apparent, you have to wonder how and when it began. Most people say it begins in childhood. And if parent humans are sensitive to their child’s budding skill at an early age, it’s quite possible, if not probable, that their kid will become some kind of musician. The same must have been true for Kodak and Nikon. (And if that failed, they could always become photographers of “the human condition”! Arfgiggle.)

(It’s probably best not to stand on a drum, though. Ohheavenswoof. That’s why drum sticks were made — the wooden kind.)

Here they are in a picture perfect performance: