August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

“Tina” (the human ballerina) and her dancing partner, Chandi, made their debut on Britain’s Got Talent, a popular show which inspired America’s Got Talent in the United States.

Oh yaddayaddayadda,arfyawnarfyawn.

The judges don’t look particularly enthused, at first. What’s so great about this act? Anyone (human or otherwise) can sashay around the stage doing graceful leaps and call it ballet. Right?


This energetic duo changed the expressions on the judge’s faces from anticipated boredom to pure delight. (Piers Morgan looks so much nicer when he’s laughing.)

What form, what beauty, what artistic prowess!

After a while it’s hard to decide who’s following who. I think Chandi can become a stand-alone act, to be perfectly honest, and Tina would have to find something or someone to substitute as a four-legged partner or she could probably get work somewhere as a coat model, as she demonstrates in the video below… (Smilewoof.)


Check It Out!!