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Gnarls_BarkleyI guess the question “what” is Gnarls Barkley, rather than “who”, makes more sense!

Cee Lo Green is Thomas DeCarlo Calloway. Danger Mouse is Brian Joseph Burton. Together, they are Gnarls Barkley, a soul singing duo — although Danger Mouse is never really heard singing. (He’s more accustomed to being a DJ.)

(Oh, please let the story end, here.Pleaseohpleaseohwhimperarfarf.)

Danger Mouse speaks:

“The name Gnarls Barkley came from fictional celebrity names like “Prince Gnarls” and “Bob Gnarly” (parodies of Prince Charles and Bob Marley) and finally stuck, as a parody of basketball star, Charles Barkley.”

Early in their career together, various radio stations got it wrong, and announced their songs as Charles Barkley’s!

Their most famous song from the album “St. Elsewhere” is “Crazy”. That kind of sums it up.

Listen to (and see) Gnarls Barkley perform it here with Prince on guitar:

In the United Kingdom, “Crazy” became the first single to top the UK Singles Chart purely on download sales as it was released online a week before it was released as a CD single.

An article in Billboard Magazine said that Burton and Cee Lo had been “cagey” about what the name of their act meant, especially since they’d dress up differently for each performance — as tennis players, astronauts, chefs and others.

Cee Lo said in an interview: “The name is the electric industrial Euro soul, that’s what I call it… if I can call it anything. It truly is shapeless and formless. My style and my approach is still water, and it runs so deep. So, with that project I got a chance to be a lil’ zany, of course a continuation of eccentricity, abstract and vague, and all of those wonderful things that make art exactly what it is. And that’s subject to interpretation. As far as the artiste himself, it does cater to and extend the legacy of Cee Lo Green, and showcase the diversity and range and intention of Cee Lo Green. It is a great project that I’m very, very proud of”.

I guess the message of the story is that you can be whoever you want to be; say you are whoever you want to be, as long as everyone is entertained and happy.

My head is swimming! (And this is ME, REGGIE, speaking!)