August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

Adam-Levine-296PXAdam Levine is kind of a cool looking human. I guess he’s landed on “musician” as a title, since he’s also done movies and television (American Horror Story: Asylum).

He started playing guitar when he was 10. He says, “When I was in high school, I was a little rebellious. I didn’t want to do the things they were teaching me. I picked up a guitar and that was it. I fell so madly in love with it, it’s all I did.”

WowBow! That’s all he did? How’d he get away with that?

When he was 12, he performed at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, but was so nervous that he played with his back to the audience.

Is there something I don’t know about this back-to-the-audience, front-to-the-audience stuff? When he became a judge on The Voice, did he know he’d be facing the audience with his back to the hopeful singers on stage? I’m dizzy. How about you?ARFARFARF . . .

He had this to say about being on The Voice. “I always felt kind of misinterpreted in the world. I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls. I was the music dude that was with the girls, and that’s fine, no problem with that. But I wanted to create a little balance. When the show came around, I thought, ‘People now know that I have a brain.’”

He’s known mostly for being a member of the band, Maroon 5, with all four of their studio albums going platinum. Adam and the band has also received three Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards and an award each at the MTV Video Music Awards and the World Music Awards.

He’s a tenor and is famous for his falsetto range. (Which means he can sing pretty high just standing there and not have to worry about turning around, front-to-back or back-to-front.)

Whew! Woof!