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Christina-Aguilera-279PXOHHHHH! Woofwoofpetmewoof!

She’s sooooo sweet!!!!

She’s Christina Aguilera — all grown up!

Remember her on the Mickey Mouse Club?

Lots of famous people came from the Mickey Mouse Club along with Christina; co-stars included Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell. They nicknamed her “the diva” because of her voice and performance style. (That’s ‘cause she was extra special, right? Ooooohhappybark).  She was known as “the little girl with the big voice”.

In 1998, Aguilera sent a demo of Whitney Houston’s “Run to You” to Disney, who was looking for a singer to record the song “Reflection” for their animated feature film Mulan. It caught the attention of producer and label executive, Ron Fair, who would mentor her career and land Aguilera a contract with RCA Records. (That was “fair” of him! Chucklelaffbark.)


Christina is considered to be a soprano (although she’s not related to anyone in that series, barkbark), a “blue-eyed soul singer” and the “voice of her generation”. She has a four-octave vocal range and something called a “whistle register”.

The whistle register (also called the flageolet, flute register or whistle tone) is the highest register of the human voice, similar to that of a whistle.

Now, we’re barking! Maybe we do have something in common after all. Now, that’s something to whistle about!

Christina’s music and lyrics are about love, although she has written on other subjects including spirituality, motherhood, grief and domestic abuse (ohgeewhimperwoofwoof.)

In 2001, she signed a letter from PETA to the South Korean government asking the country to stop killing dogs for food. (OMG!!!! Thank you, Christina!)

In 2009, Aguilera became the global spokesperson for World Hunger Relief, helping to raise over $22 million and provide over 90 million meals.