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I have a voice and so do you!


Some of us sing. Some of sing well. And some of us — well — we just hum to ourselves.


And, everyone knows we have extra sensitive hearing. We hear things humans don’t. Can’t.

You’d think if we could hear in a special way, we’d also be able to sing in a special way, too.

Well, we do. Sing. Croon. Emit the music of our language.

(Remember Fred, our opera singing friend?)


But we all have another kind of voice, too, as in we all have an opinion, a question, about something, some things, particular things, and our right to think and say them!

HOWLLLLLLL! (Thank you very much.)


I guess the bigger question is do you have to have a good singing voice to know a good singing voice? My answer is no, you don’t — but it sure helps if you do!


Do you watch The Voice? You know, the show where the judges sit in these really big, funky chairs and push buttons that whip the chairs around!


The Voice is a reality TV show (another one???? groanwhimperwoof), based on the original show called The Voice of Holland. Who knew? Did everyone sing in Dutch? Woofchucklewoof.

The idea is to find new singing talent from public auditions. Viewers at home vote for their favorites. (That doesn’t sound new. Awwwwbarkbarkbark.

But, here’s the cool part. The judges are singers and performing artists, themselves, who not only critique (that’s fancy for saying if you’re good or bad, arfarfwow!) the contestants but also coach them. If the contestant wins, so does the coach, making them the “winning coach”.

The coaches sit in these big chairs (that look like giant recliners), facing the audience, while the contestants perform so they can LISTEN to their voices, without seeing them. When a judge likes what he/she hears, they push a button that automatically swivels the chair around and sets off a lighted sign that says, “I WANT YOU!”

Scary? No, wonderful!

Barkbarkhappydance! SURPRISE! For the contestants AND the judges!

How many of us can really see that message in writing, all glitzy and lit up for all the world to see? We see the message in our humans’ eyes, which also kind of light up the love they have for us . . . whether we have talent or not!

Okay. So, who are these judges in the important, moveable chairs?

You’re gonna’ like ‘em . . .