August 14, 2015 | Posted in Reggie A HollyWOOF Star

at the Disney ABC Television Group Summer Press Junket, ABC Studios, Burbank, CA. 05-15-10Tom Bergeron hosts Dancing with the Stars.

He looks like he’d be a nice kind of dog owner, doesn’t he?

I couldn’t find out if he has one of us; but if he was a dog, I think he’d be a spaniel. They’re smart, and frisky and nice to humans. Some of them even have the same hair color as Tom.

And he’s from Haverhill, MA. I know where that is. Marilyn and Robert do, too. It’s very green there.

Hosting seems to come easy to Tom. I think it’s ‘cause he likes people so much. Ya’ see? Another thing we have it common!

People in the announcer biz call him “the master of unscripted banter”. That means he can think on his feet when something goes wrong — or right!  He’s especially funny when he finds his own faults to joke about. What a guy!

He’d probably want to see dog professionals dance with us on the show. I mean, they have to train the humans to dance, too. Instead of treats, they give them a bottle of water — usually after they “melt down”. I don’t know how they get ‘em up and running again, but they do.

Here’s a melted human. Add water!

If Tom ever gets sick or something, I’d like to stand in for him.

Maybe that means I’d have to go to announcer’s school — and lie about my age — but nothing else!