Reggie-Everydog-BIOI’m Reggie; a loyal, soulful, ambitious German shepherd. I live with Robert and Marilyn in New York. They brought me to the only home I’ve ever known when I was just a little guy. Mom had 4 of us at one time and I guess she thought it was okay for me to go home with my sweet, happy humans. I really like living with them. They’re fun!

I’m pretty sure my big deal name is really “Reginald”, but that sounds soooooo royal and above it all and I’m not like that, at all. I’m a pretty down-to-earth guy . . . despite my recent Hollywood adventures!

I made a movie (“You Can’t Do That Here”) where I had to chase the bad guys and a police car. I met some cool people — directors and other actors.

Celebrities learn from life. Let’s face it: you just don’t walk onto a set or stage knowing nothing or everything about what you’re supposed to do there! You bring your own experiences with you and apply them to new ones!

But things didn’t stop there.

I’ve been making the rounds of popular TV shows like The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. What I really like about these experiences is that I get to share them with you, right here on WolFStoria!

I’ve written about learning Shakespeare; I’ve shared my favorite costumes with you; going to the Statue of Liberty and the ASPCA; meeting the Boston Red Sox (World Series champs!); visiting Catie at the Copley Fairmont Hotel, also in Boston; spending time with Millie, Barbara Bush’s little cutie; commenting on stories in the news and giving my take on things and dogs and humans I happen to meet along the way.

My mind is always working on bringing some joy (and comedy!) into your life! There’s a big world out there for everyone and I love to explore it![catlist name=”Reggie A HollyWOOF Star” orderby=title order=asc numberposts=-1]