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Now, Josiah has been a Presidential Pet for a while. He remembers how he came to be one, too. A little girl had found him, and she was a wild thing in the way all little girls happened to be. One moment, Josiah was minding his own business, and the next, he was being pushed into the President’s hands and carted off.

It was a very, very strange few days, as he adapted to life in a house. Not just any house, either, but the White House! It took a while for Josiah to learn what that meant. It took longer for him to really understand what it meant to be a Presidential Pet.

Sometimes, he’s still not entirely certain that the idea sits right with him. It seems strange and false, having a support system like this. And yet, here he is, standing in the Room, with a horde of other animals talking and chattering and braying, trying to talk over each other.

It’s not even a problem that’s been fully explained, so Josiah isn’t sure how it’s one he’s supposed to help solve.

And yet here they all are, expecting him to pitch in and solve it.

It gives Josiah a headache.

Irritated with the whole mess of critters, Josiah starts shouldering his way through the crowd. He bumps into a poodle, and into a few cats. He pushes his way past a very distraught parrot.

The Room is large. Most meetings are held in here, with the white walls and white floors. But Josiah has never been one for meetings and large groups. He learned very early on that the room can be accommodating.

Once he manages to work his way out of the crowd, Josiah steps to the edge of the Room. He follows the wall, passing by all of the various doggy doors, until a small tunnel opens up. It’s just the perfect size for Josiah to slip into.

He pauses first, looking over his shoulder. Everyone appears to be very much content focusing on the birds. No one’s watching.


Josiah would hate to give up his hiding spot!

Deciding that there are plenty of other animals around to solve the issue, Josiah ducks into his tunnel. It’s warm, dark, and cozy. It reminds him of a burrow. The tunnel has a very slight slope. It leads down about fifteen feet, and then stops into a small hollow.

Josiah drops onto the floor. He closes his eyes, settling into the warm dark for a nap. He’s almost dozed off when a shrill voice announces, “wow, this is some secret you’ve got!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

Enjoy this fun fictitious series of stories about some actual Presidential Pets! To learn more about the actual Presidents’ companions click on the logo below to go to the Presidential Pet Museum’s website!

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