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The man isn’t in the room for very long. And the moment that the door open, Bruce puts his plan into action.

Now, bull terriers aren’t the largest dog. In fact, they’re short compared to an anatolian shepherd, or a borzoi. But they are solid packed muscle, with broad chests and heads that are hard bone and no softness.

So when Bruce takes off, howling and barking, and barrels head first into the man’s legs, it’s really no surprise that it knocks the person down. Jack follows suit, flapping his wings and gobbling and throwing up a ruckus.

The human shouts, “get off! Get off, you stupid dog! Where did you come from?”

And the thing is, bull terriers are clowns. They’re family dogs, great animals to have baby sit your kids. But they sound fierce. They sound down right mean. It only takes a few warning growls and a flash of sharp teeth for the man to go still and meek.

Jack says, “you did it, Bruce! We found him!”

Jack’s right

For there on the desk, is Peter Rabbit.

The rabbit is in a metal cage, bare and empty. There’s no water bottle and no soft straw on the fur. The little rabbit is pulled in on himself. Wide eyed, Peter Rabbit exclaims, “he was going to sell me!”

“Don’t worry,” says Jack. “We’re going to fix this. Bruce, keep making a ruckus!”

That’s the opposite of what a President Pet should do when they’re in a different time line, but Bruce trusts Jack. Bruce barks and howls and raises a fit, until other people come storming down the hall.

At the last moment, Bruce and Jack throw themselves behind the desk. There’s a doggy door there, lit up and ready to be used.

Bruce tells Peter Rabbit, “you’ll be safe! Don’t worry!”

And Peter Rabbit says, “thank you, thank you! But hurry! You don’t want to get stuck here!”

They don’t want that to happen, so Bruce pushes through the doggy door, and Jack follows suit. They enter into the hallway, knowing that they’ve done their job.

Gleeful, Bruce prances circles around Jack, throwing the full force of his weight into every bully dog hop. “We did it! We saved Peter Rabbit! That’s awesome!”

Jack says, “I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Bruce shakes his head so hard the dog nearly falls over. “No way! You’re the only reason we found him! I wouldn’t have been able to figure any of that out without your help!”

“I think we’re a very good pair,” says Jack, finally. “I hope we’re able to work with each other again, Bruce. It’s good working with friends.”

And Bruce, tail wagging fast, says, “yeah. It’s good to work with friends.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

Enjoy this fun fictitious series of stories about some actual Presidential Pets! To learn more about the actual Presidents’ companions click on the logo below to go to the Presidential Pet Museum’s website!

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