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They deliver the ring by having Peter Rabbit leave it on a desk in a secluded office. “They’ll check here for sure,” he tells his friends. “This desk is always in use. Important papers get set here, so the ring is sure to be found!”

Then the three Presidential Pets scurry away to find somewhere private to talk. They choose a dark room, used mostly for storage.

Peter Rabbit asks, “what exactly do you remember?”

Bruce stops wagging his tail. Everything about him seems to droop. “Not much. Just that it was important we worked together.”

Reassuringly, Jack says, “we’re doing that much right now, so I think we’re almost okay.”

Peter Rabbit says, “why don’ you try sitting down? Maybe if you’re not focused on other things, you’ll remember.”

Bruce tries to sit down, but he’s so full of energy that it only lasts for a moment. “I’m sorry! I can’t remember!”

“You can’t focus because of all the energy you have,” says Jack. “Let’s play a game and see if that helps.”

Peter Rabbit looks unconvinced. “Is now really time for a game?”

“If it helps him,” says Jack. “Everyone deals with stress differently. Some people have to sit still to focus and work out problems, and some people have to move around before they’re able to think straight. Why don’t you try spinning around, and see if that helps?”

Bruce gives a big, doggy smile. It’s extra kind, coming from a bull terrier. They’re known for being exceptionally sweet, loving animals. He’s clearly happy that Jack’s trying to work with him, instead of making fun of him for thinking differently.

Jack and Peter Rabbit back away from the bull terrier. After a moment, Bruce takes a deep breath and then he starts to run in circles. He’s fast!

It’s bully mode!

He spins and spins and spins! His nails scrape and slide over the tiled floor. Bruce is quick on his feet, and he could go for hours with all the energy he has.

But he doesn’t.

Bruce only spins until spinning is all he’s thinking about. And then, as soon as he isn’t trying to focus on the problem, the solution reveals itself.

Bruce stops so suddenly that he nearly falls over.

Peter Rabbit asks, “are you okay?”

Jack asks, “do you feel better?”

And Bruce, tail wagging so hard it looks like it might hurt, proudly announces, “I remember what we’re supposed to do here!”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

Enjoy this fun fictitious series of stories about some actual Presidential Pets! To learn more about the actual Presidents’ companions click on the logo below to go to the Presidential Pet Museum’s website!

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