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The Aleutian Islands are a chain of fourteen large volcanic islands that belong to both the United States and Russia. There are also fifty five smaller islands included in the listing. This forms the Aleutian Arc, which is found in the northern Pacific Ocean.

Together, these islands have fifty seven volcanoes. They help form the northernmost part of the Ring of Fire.

Of these islands, Attu is the largest, and Attu is the one that Fala is going too. He appears on the beach, with the doggie door attached to a rather large stone. As is typical of the island, it’s a dark, rainy day. Fog drifts across the white sands of the beach. A light drizzle of rain falls down, leaving Fala’s black fur damp.

“Of all the rotten places to get sent, I’ve got to come back here.” Fala huffs. He shakes himself off, though it doesn’t do any particular good. “And for a watch! How in the blazes am I supposed to find a watch here? It’s an island, for God’s sake! An entire island!”

“You say that like you were only expecting to find half of an island.” A small white bird lands on top of the rock. The door leading back into the Room has already vanished. “I have to say, that would be more of a surprise to me.”

Fala snaps, “I’m not surprised, I’m just annoyed. Unlike you, I can’t just fly about the place. I have to walk all over and around. Ach! And the worst part is, I haven’t the slightest idea where I’m looking!”

“Lucky for you, I know all about this island.” The bird is a rock ptarmigan, and she’s native to the Aleutian Islands. “What are you looking for?”

“A watch,” says Fala. When the bird just gives him a blank look, the Scottish Terrier sighs. “It’s a gold circle, with a glass spot on the top. There are numbers in the glass – black squiggles, hear? And it goes tick, and then tock, and then it ticks again!”

The rock ptarmigan chitters with excitement. “Oh, I know exactly what you’re talking about!”

“Really? Blimey, maybe this won’t take me a life-time! Where did you see it?”

“I’ll tell you…but you have to help me first.”

“Ach! Always a catch with you winged rats,” snaps Fala. He digs at the wet sand with one paw. It cakes against the pads of his foot. “Fine, fine! Out with it! Tell me what you need help with!”

The rock ptarmigan says, “I’m not the one that needs help, exactly. My friend is.”


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

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