February 1, 2018 | Posted in Fictitious Presidential Pets Stories

“So, what is it? Spit it on out, feather-brains. Tell me what I need to do, so I can get on out there and get it over with.” Fala tilts his head to the side, black ears flopping.

Dick ruffles his wing feathers in response. “The island, Fala. You were there not too long ago.”

Fala’s stomach drops. He knows exactly where Dick is talking about. “I’m not going back to the Aleutian Islands, Dick.”

“Something important was left there,” says the mockingbird. Dick clacks his beak together thoughtfully. “It will cause a great upheaval if it’s not retrieved.”

“Aye, so send someone else!” Fala’s hackles are raised. He bares his teeth at the bird.

Dick is entirely unimpressed with the display. He tells Fala, “you’re the only one that already knows your way around the islands, Fala, and we’ve got to get this done right quick. Truly, there’s no debating it. You must go back. You must find the watch.”

“A watch? Blimey, I’m not goin’ back for a watch!”

“President Roosevelt’s closest and most privileged aid left it behind when he was sent to retrieve you.”


Dick bobbles his head. “Allen. It was his grandfather’s watch – a family heirloom! Losing it will cause the poor boy to become so distraught that he quits his job! And without Allen, President Roosevelt will have to find a new personal aid…one that he might not be able to trust even half as much.”

Fala’s stomach is a mess of nerves. He whimpers and whines and shakes his head, unhappy at the thought of going back to the islands and even more distraught at the thought of losing Allen. “Aye, aye, fine! I’ll go back to the dratted islands! But you hear me out now, Dick, I’m not happy about it! I’m not happy at all!”

“Unfortunately,” says Dick, voice low and grave. “Happiness is not a requirement for being a Presidential Pet, nor for being a leader of any sort.”

“Don’t get wise with me,” grumbles Fala, but there’s no real heat to the words. Another ring of light appears in the distance- the doggy door that leads to the Aleutian Islands. The Scottish Terrier lets out a very put upon sigh. He drags his paws as he heads towards the doggie door. “You’d best be grateful, bird-brain.”

“Very,” says Dick. And then, more sincerely, “be careful, Fala. I don’t know where the watch was lost. The Room didn’t tell me that.”

“Because the room is an unhelpful lot,” snaps Fala. But the dog goes through the door without any more fuss.


Katelynn E Koontz – Author

Enjoy this fun fictitious series of stories about some actual Presidential Pets! To learn more about the actual Presidents’ companions click on the logo below to go to the Presidential Pet Museum’s website!