September 11, 2015 | Posted in Famous Animated Dogs


Picture For Representation Only

When you think of a lot of dog

Usually you think that would be five or six.

After all that many can be hard to feed

And certainly difficult to walk or throw sticks.

But what if that number were one hundred one,

That actually sounds like the ultimate fun!


One of the most famous dogs stories toys with the idea.

Take a newly married couple

Their love for their two furry, sweet companions

And then to make the plot much more supple,

The dogs soon have a litter of their own.

Now over a dozen dogs, you think “Hold the phone!”


That number is already quite a lot

But that is not where the number is going to stop.

Bring in two bumbling thieves

And a crazy woman who looks like she has a skunk on top,

And you get the excitement that moves the story in a new direction.

“She does what?” is your first introspection.


The very idea that someone would think

Dogs would make a great fur coat

It’s a thought that is revoltingly distinct

So horrible it will get your goat.

As the parent Dalmatians make their daring rescue

You cheer and laugh as they take the other pups too.


So now the family has grown to one hundred one.

It’s the ending the title promised would come.