August 18, 2015 | Posted in Doctor Sigmund Furry Series

 5-What-drives-YouDear Dr. Furry,

Is it okay to leave a dog in the car for a short while when you run into a store for something?

Donna, New York, NY


Dear Donna,

. . . only if the dog has a current driver’s license!!

Heehee! Excuse me, Donna. I couldn’t help myself. Besides, driving in New York is scary! Congratulations if you can find a parking space, at all!

I would suggest you never leave a dog or animal in a car or vehicle unattended for any length of time even just a short while. Too many problems can arise especially in warm weather. Temperatures rise super quickly and can be fatal in an extremely short time. Even with a window slightly down heck even all the way down which have other problems and hazards it still can get too hot too quick!! There are many other risks involved with leaving a Dog in a car unattended and in some places there are also laws against it!!

Too many beloved pets have expired or have become ill and agitated, due to the inconsiderate actions of owners who leave them in their car. I’m sure you, like so many of us, you have even have heard horror stories about people leaving dogs in cars while they have dinner at a restaurant or visit someone and simply forget about the time and the living creature they left in the car! Also beware of puppy kidnappers!

Put yourself in your dog’s place or just imagine being left alone for harmful periods of time. Be careful, kind and smart.

~Dr. Sigmund Furry