August 18, 2015 | Posted in Doctor Sigmund Furry Series

The-Same-Old-Same-Old-400PXDear Dr. Furry,

I have two Pomeranians, Dot and Dash. Dot is a she and Dash is a he. We know they’re a frisky breed. I believe in giving them healthy meals; wet and dry. Dash is fine with the variety. Dot, however, has a jumpy stomach and few things agree with her.

Every day I cook up some ground turkey and rice and that’s all she eats. She seems fine with no upsets. I’d like to try to add new things to her diet, but I’m afraid it will upset her. From my pet-owner-point-of-view, is it really that bad to give her the same thing to eat every day?

Lisa, Yonkers, NY


Dear Lisa,

Remember, these are your loving pets, not incarcerated felons. Variety is the spice of life — but then again, that’s what may have started Dot’s problem in the first place. Or maybe, that’s just her jumpy nature.

Try a little cooked ground beef with the rice, (replace the turkey with it), or just add a spoonful of it to the turkey/rice mixture. It may prove to be a bit more nutritious for little Dot — if she doesn’t sense there’s an agenda afoot.

Remember when our mothers used to sneak a little of our UN-favorite foods into something we really liked? My mother mashed carrots into my potatoes, but even at a young age I knew potatoes weren’t orange. So, she tried to tone down the color by jamming cooked fish in there, too. The color got lighter, but the shock to my taste buds is memorable to this day.