August 18, 2015 | Posted in Doctor Sigmund Furry Series

Dog-CompanyDear Dr. Furry,

Am I enough company for my dog?

Hilda, Amsterdam, NY


Dear Hilda,

Why would you ask such a thing, my dear? Is your dog complaining? Seriously, some breeds like company (of their own breed, especially pit bulls) and some don’t really seem to need it.

Like us though, Hilda, well-socialized doggies love to spend time with other dogs, old buddies or new acquaintances, just like the way we enjoy old friends and meeting new people.

Spending time with other dogs keeps their social skills sharp (Yup. They’ve still got it!). If you think he’s tired of spending all his time with you, just ask him and be prepared for an honest answer. Or, observe how he reacts after a social outing.

One thing is sure: you are a very wise and loving Mom.

~Dr. Sigmund Furry