August 18, 2015 | Posted in Doctor Sigmund Furry Series

A-Slippery-SituationDear Dr. Furry,

My adorable dachshund, Tillie, is in love with my bedroom slippers. I know this is not unusual, especially with pups. But Tillie is 5 now and continues to ignore all her other toys — even the ones that look like slippers — for one of mine! Please don’t get the wrong impression, Doctor Furry: I haven’t had the same pair of slippers for 5 years!

When company visits they make a fuss over Tillie. She’s really a happy, well-behaved little dog, but she’ll drag out a slipper when her own little toy basket is overflowing. It’s a little embarrassing.

What should I do?

Norma, Boise, ID


Dear Norma,

Tillie just wants to be close to you at all times! You may not think that carrying a slipper expresses the totality of her devotion and affection for you, but remember that Tillie is a little dog. Bigger dogs can drag out whole pieces of clothing, like coats and anoraks!

Here are two possible ways to break Tillie of her loyal, yet embarrassing habit:

1. Buy Tillie a pair, well. . . two pair of her own little slippers


2. Throw your slippers out and walk barefoot.