September 11, 2015 | Posted in Discover These Doggies!!

A dog is a dog … is a dog?

To be counted in Guinness World Records, you have to meet some pretty stiff criteria. And not all dogs are created equal, apparently. Take, for instance, the title of World’s Smallest Dog. In one category, they’re measured by height. In a whole different category, they’re measured by length!

GWR’s smallest dog according to height is Miracle Milly, a Chihuahua just under 2 years old who lives in Puerto Rico. Milly is said to be less than 4-inches tall; that’s smaller than an iPhone. She is owned by Vanessa Sempler, an Argentinian dog breeder.

“We have to be really careful with Milly because she’s really small,” says her human mommy. “She can be easily lost in the house, outside in the garden or [playing] with other dogs.”

Yowsa – at that size, we bet it’s hard not to fear for her safety at every turn!

“When people see Milly they act really surprised, because she is so small … but people fall in love with her. She’s so adorable!”

After being sent pictures and veterinarian records, GWR sent a photographer to “size up” Milly’s situation. Sure enough, the official pics confirmed what her owner suspected and, in September 2013, GWR confirmed that Milly was the teeniest canine registered to date. By height.

But this wacky dog “tail” doesn’t end there. We sniffed out another GWR title holder!

According the GWR, the smallest dog in terms of length is a female Chihuahua named Heaven Sent Brandy, who measures 6 inches from her nose to the tip of her tail. Our staff measured that out; it’s about the length of a cordless phone (remember those?) minus the antenna.

Guinness reports that Brandy (who lives in Largo, Florida, with her owner Paulette Keller) is “so small that she can’t even bark”. Brandy weighs in at two pounds and is said to not have grown one bit since Paulette’s had her.

“With a dog like this you have to be very careful,” Paulette admits. “She can’t jump on to or off anything because her legs are so tiny…. Walking her is OK, but when there are kids around all they want to do is pick her up and she can get frightened.”

Who wouldn’t, at that size? Here’s sending out a high-five to our award-winning canine comrades!