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Mexico’s El Capitan has captured people’s hearts – with 1,108 likes on Facebook alone.

El Capitan (pronounced “ehl kahp ee THAN”) is no ordinary dog. In mid-August, his owner had been rendered unconscious. When an ambulance crew arrived on the scene, they loaded his owner into the back of their B6-90 truck and drove off to the general hospital.

Nearly nine miles into their journey, the ambulance staff became confused. More than one vehicle had attempted to get their attention while driving by. The crew members readjusted their gaze and were amazed to see a furry passenger on board: El Capitan had hitched a ride!

Since they first took off, the dog had been balancing and doing all he could to hang on to the ambulance’s narrow back bumper. After spotting spotted him, the stunned emergency workers pulled over and opened the back doors to let the canine inside.

El Capitan’s groggy owner acknowledged the determined dog lying at his side, calling out: “Capitan”. Once the travelers all safely reached their destination, El Capitan sat outside the hospital in anticipation of a happy reunion with his owner.

We’re able to share this story with you thanks to “Esto es Amor Y Lealtad” (“This is Love and Loyalty”) written by Israel Garcia. Garcia’s account is posted on a Tumblr page run by 820AM Radio Patrulla in Mexicali, Mexico, just south of the border at Calexico, California.

As a local media outlet, Radio Patrulla reports on crime, health and safety issues which affect the residents of greater Mexicali. Most recently its coverage has focused on drug busts, arrests and wildfires. El Capitan is a happy exception to that rule.

Which is why we say viva (“VEE-vuh”) or long live El Capitan!