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While surfing the web this weekend, we stumbled across a truly rare breed: Surf Dog Ricochet.

This thoroughly sporty and philanthropic Southern California canine subscribes to a powerful motto: “The best waves of my life are the ones I help someone else catch!”

“I paw it forward while raising funds and awareness for human/animal causes,” explains Ricochet, cover girl for the American Humane Society’s Hero Dogs 2013 Wall Calendar. “I support staying true to yourself, anti-bullying and more!”

Ricochet’s career took off on Aug. 20, 2009, when she hit the waves with quadriplegic Surfer Patrick Ivison. Since then she’s led 50+ fundraisers, raised more than $300K for human and animal causes and donated more than a million bowls of pet food to homeless animals.


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Her mission, she says, “is to achieve my highest surfing paw’tential (as) an assistive aid to persons with disabilities while surfing with them.” She is an ambassador, a catalyst for change and an inspiration who nudges others to focus on what they can – versus can’t – do in life.

Known worldwide as an award-winning surfer dog and registered and certified therapy dog, Ricochet is heralded as “the only dog in the world who surfs with special needs kids, people with disabilities and wounded warriors as an assistive aid and SURFice dogTM.”

Her guardian, Judy Fridono, says Ricochet’s key message to others is: “Be true to yourself; being different is what makes you special.” Fridono adds that while human moms and dads often want their dogs to learn new tricks, it’s high time the tables were turned.

“I would encourage dogs to develop their owners!” she says. “Dogs are always communicating with us. Listen to them. They will tell you what they want or don’t want. Your aspirations for them may not be conducive to their temperament or personality.”

“If you want to do agility and your dog doesn’t, don’t make him do it. If you want your dog to be a therapy dog, but he really doesn’t like to be touched, don’t make him become a therapy dog. If your dog is perfectly happy staying home, let him stay home.”

Ricochet’s story has been covered by an astounding number (and array) of media outlets, including: Animal Planet, The Oprah Winfrey Network, “The Today Show”, CNN, “People” and “USA Today”. She was even the subject of a “Jeopardy!” question which aired July 5, 2013.

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Highlights from Ricochet’s Ruff’sume (courtesy of

Name – Ricochet
Sex – Female
Breed – Golden Retriever
Birth Date – January 25, 2008
Guardian/Handler – Judy Fridono, A.D.A.D.T.
Water Handler – David King, Ocean Healing Group
Nicknames – Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice DogTM, Ric, Ricki, Rip Curl Ricki
Surfing Styles – Solo, backwards, SUP, tandem (with pro surfers, celebrities and other dogs and animals), as an Assistive Aid surfing with people with disabilities