September 11, 2015 | Posted in Discover These Doggies!!

A black lab and an elephant walk into a bar …

ABC-TV’s Good Morning America airs every weekday, but from time to time the show’s “Pet of the Day” featurette keeps us smiling all day long – like a good joke! That’s what happened when they recently featured an unusual pair of friends: Bella and Bubbles.

Bella is a water-loving Labrador retriever who just can’t help but take the plunge – jumping off the head, back, rump and more of her dear friend Bubbles. Bubbles is a 9,000-pound elephant. She was orphaned in 1983 and adopted by Myrtle Beach Safari when she was just a 300-pound baby!

Bella and Bubbles have been acquainted since 2007, when Bella was a puppy. The dog has grown up at the wildlife preserve, left there by a crew hired to build Bubbles a swimming pool. The opportunity to play together is what has helped them develop a deep and lasting friendship.

Staff at Myrtle Beach Safari, which operates T.I.G.E.R.S. (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in South Carolina), says: “Today they are almost inseparable.” The preserve features a watering hole where the two spend lots of time together.

Their bond revolves around their mutual love of water sports and what MBS calls “aquatic antics”. If you missed the original broadcast, you can look up GMA’s post “Unlikely Friends—Dog and Elephant—Play in Watering Hole” online or search YouTube for “Bella and Bubbles”.

The official YouTube video, posted by MBS, has been viewed more than 1 Million times. If you’re an animal lover who’d like to know more about animals like Bubbles and how they wind up at places like MBS, consider visiting