WooFPAK Heroes Episode 48 – Finding The Coon

September 20, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Bluebelll keeps to the brush. The rabbit is fast, easily able to keep up with the pack of husky dogs. Her nose twitches, whiskers wiggling every time she sniffs. Even though there seems to be no reason for her to

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 47 – Tracking The Coon

August 28, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

To an animal, no matter whether they are born in the wild or in the comfort of a human home, there is nothing more terrifying then the sound of a gun. Even now, within the safety of the Jumbo Jet,

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 46 – The Hoomans Help A Coon

August 10, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

When they pull up in front of a house, the road breaks from dirt to gravel. There’s something distinctly modern about it; the building might be made from logs and hard, dark wood but it’s a pre-packaged sort of thing,

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 45 – WooFPAK After Leaving The Deer

July 19, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Bluebell, it seems, is very much a chatterbox. It’s clear that the rabbit doesn’t like the dogs. Her lips pull back to show off her buck teeth whenever they draw too close to the table that she’s perched on, ears

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 44 – WooFPAK Finally Delivers The Deer

July 7, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The car doesn’t stop, not for what seems like a very long time. WooFDriver is determined to get the baby deer somewhere safe – somewhere that can help – and the rest of the humans are also on board. They’ve

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 43 – WooFPAK Taking The Deer For Help

June 19, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

“We can’t just leave it out here,” says WooFDriver, lips pulling into a heavy frown. “Look at that leg. It can’t stand, let alone run if something spots it.” “I hate hunters that leave these traps,” grumbles Chris. “Is it

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 42 – WooFPAK Saves The Baby Deer

June 7, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Verah goes tense. Every muscle in his body is wound up, ready for flight. It’s a battle against instincts that have saved his life countless times before and the desperate hope that he can truly trust this strange husky, that

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 41 – Getting The Humans To The Deer

May 23, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Zarro moves as fast as he can. His paws churn up wet mounds of snow. Brambles and thorns catch on the fur of his legs, the curtain of fur that hangs on his under belly. It pulls and tugs, but

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 40 – Helping The Stag

May 8, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Even with a wounded flank, the stag moves quickly. His long legs make it difficult for Zarro to keep up with him, as the husky dog keeps stopping and glancing over his shoulder. It’s night, and both his human pack

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 39 – Following The Deer

March 22, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

There’s something wrong out here. Zarro is sure of it. Even though the other members of the pack have long since fallen asleep, even though the humans are tucked up tight in their bed, Zarro can’t. He sits at the

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 38 – Zarro And The Train

March 6, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Going for a run is just a small respite for Zarro. Where it would usually clear his mind of all worries, it only makes him regret the idea of going back to camp that much more. It’s enough to make

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 37 – WooFPAK And The Casselman River

February 23, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The group decides, in the end, to go around the Casselman River. Rhett is keen on reading about their new destination, his level voice flooding the Jumbo Jet. “It’s a fifty six and a half mile river. This says it’s

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 36 – Finishing The Fair

February 11, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Chase isn’t a natural herder. In fact, he’s never done anything like this before. The actions are stilted and stumbling, far from the smooth response that comes from a cue given by his WooFDriver when he’s hooked to a sled,

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 35 – Chasing The Sheep

January 31, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Despite the fact that it’s simply a group of sheep that have been let loose, the fair itself begins to dissolve and scatter. The women taking part in the beauty pageant snatch up their skirts and rush back behind the

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 34 – And The Troubles At The Fair Begin

January 20, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The dogs don’t have to wait long for their answer. As soon as the bell is done chiming, the loud speakers crackle to life. They send bursts of static sound into the air, catching the attention of human and animal

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 33 – The Fair

January 9, 2017 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The Somerset County Fair is unlike anything that the WooFPAK has ever seen before. They have been to a few different places with the same idea – festivals that were being held as they passed through town, and other such

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 32 – The Somerset County Fair

December 30, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Getting back to the WooFMobile is an easy enough feat. The problem arises with the open door, and the foul look that Zarro shoots him from the other side of the bench seat. “It’s fine,” insists Jag. “Nothing’s going to

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 31

November 28, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Meyersville looks very different at night. There are several lamp posts on each street, but the light that they cast is faint and ghastly. It makes the older buildings look abandoned, and makes the fact that no one else is

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 30

November 18, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The howl is echoed through the city. First by one dog and then another, until the entire city seems to be echoing with the sound. Jag lowers his head, staring at the malamute across the street. The old dog stares

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 29 – Into Meyersdale

November 3, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

For the next few days, the tension in the WooFPAK is thick. The dogs keep to themselves for the most part, laying in their own seats, only trading comments about the things they’re passing by when required. Eventually, WooFDriver and

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 28 – A Rift In The Pack

October 24, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

For a while, the dogs simply talk amongst themselves. No one can understand why Jag is so upset over the malamute. But then, they weren’t there. They didn’t see the fear in the other dog’s eyes, and they didn’t hear

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 27 – What’s Up With The Malamute

October 12, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The malamute seems to run forever. It’s a graceful thing, with thick white fur covering lean muscles. There’s no problems jumping through the plains, over the ruts in the ground, or the gnarled branch that occasionally rises up before them.

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 26 – Start Of The Halloween Arc

October 4, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

WooFDriver is leery about the woods. It’s all in good sense, and something that Jag completely understands. Every patch of maple that they pass seems to hold all manner of monsters, all manner of creeps. At night, the shadows are

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 25 – Getting Away From The Bear

October 4, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

WooFDriver whistles. The sound is sharp and piercing. It seems out of place in the forest, where everything is quiet, where the only sounds are made by the raging bear. “We need to go, guys. Mush! Mush!” The last word

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 24 – Meeting The Bear

October 4, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

There is something wrong, although none of the dogs can figure it out at first. The birds don’t sing. The leaves don’t rustle. It’s as though the entire section of woodland simply sits here, abandoned. It’s as though there is

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 23 – New Hope Road and Jennings Run

August 25, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Early morning sunlight sets the stage for their departure; it’s a beautiful fall morning. The crisp air seeps in through the parted windows, carrying the scent of the colorful wildflowers that dot the side of New Hope Road. This stretch

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 22

August 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Betsy’s waiting for the group when they get out of the mines. She’s wagging her tail so hard that her whole butt is shaking. A plethora of men and women are standing around, waiting to see what they can do

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 21 – The Gas Leak

August 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Randy and WooFDriver spend a bit of time talking with the trapped tour group, but Chase finds the conversation dreadfully boring. It’s not that there’s much else here of interest – rather, it’s the previous room that still holds grip

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 20 – Into The Collapsed Mine

August 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The opening into the tunnel is small and littered with loose debris, knocked free during the original collapse of the mine. There’s no way to bring the entire WooFPAK into the tunnel. At least, not without bringing down the whole

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 19

August 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Chase is quick to tear across the stones. Of all the dogs, he’s the best tracker around. This doesn’t change just because he’s no longer in his backyard, or no longer in the city. He might not know the scents

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 18 – The Mine Collapses

August 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The mine has collapsed. That’s clear upon arrival to the area. An ambulance has come to rest near the entrance of the cave, parked between two cop cars and a fire engine. There’s a truck for a park ranger, too,

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 17

June 24, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Throughout the day, Betsy comes and goes as she pleases. The dog is a complete bundle of energy, paying no mind to the harsh tangles of bracken that she passes through. Watching her is almost as tiring as walking! Much

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 16

June 10, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Despite the fact that Princess insists there’s no such thing as a big foot, Chase knows otherwise. The moment that the WooFPAK is let out of the car, he makes a bee line for Betsy. The other dog is very

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 15 – Meeting Betsy And Randy

May 16, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

“Dad! Dad, look! Look at the people!” Betsy abandons the Jumbo Jet in favor of racing over to her owner. She runs circles around the old man, barking cheerfully the entire time. What ever enthusiasm he’s lacking, she more than

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 14 – Learning About The Tour And Visiting The Mines

April 19, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Not too long ago, the mines were a very lucrative part of Frostburg’s income. In recent years, they’ve mostly been shut down – either due to a lack of sufficient funding, a dried up resource, or safety hazards. Every now

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 13 – Heading Towards The Next Adventure

April 19, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

None of the dogs are disturbed by the wolf’s arrival that night but, when they wake up the next morning, the food that Princess had hidden away is gone. Despite the grumbling of her stomach, she leaves her breakfast tucked

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 12 – Talking Down The Wolf

April 5, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The sad state of affairs is that, no matter how much WooFDriver tries, no matter how much he longs to communicate with his pack on a deeper and more visceral level, he is still a human. While the man has

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 11 – A Sudden Disruption

April 5, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The story goes like this. Shelly and her parents have set out on a camping trip for three days. It’s the young girl’s first trip away from home. Shelly’s father had been hoping for a real outdoorsman type of outing

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 10 – Starting To Look For Camp

March 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The girl is small. She’s scared, too. Her pick is, to no one’s surprise, Princess. Though the female husky dog’s words are often sharp, her eyes are always kind. And now, more than ever, that’s an important thing. When the

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 9 – Finding the Child

March 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The dogs race on, determined and fearless. Chase leads the way best that he can. Out of all four dogs, he’s the best when it comes to tracking. There’s no scent too weak for him to follow; there’s no wind

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 8 – Starting Down The Trail

March 14, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

In reality, it doesn’t take long to get everything squared away for the trail. Chris, Rhett, and WooFDriver have it down to a science. They unload the WooFMobile from its place on top of the Jumbo Jet, load it down

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 7- Heading To The GAP

February 26, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Zarro is right. By the end of that day, WooFDriver has loaded up the WooFMobile, and the cooler, and the blankets. They’ve started taking away-runs in the last year, and it’s clear to the dogs that’s what they’re about to

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 6 – Going Back Home

February 23, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Shadow stands there and sneers at the other dogs, hackles raised and fangs bared. He doesn’t look like he’s going to back down – not until Jag barks at him and Chase takes an intimidating step forward. The WooFPAK, they

WolFPAK Heroes Episode 5 – Facing Down Shadow

February 12, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The rat scowls at Chase, reaching out and slapping the dogs nose with one paw. He doesn’t talk until Chase sinks back down onto his haunches. “You saw Julie?” “She was in our yard,” says Jag, lingering several lengths away

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 4 – Finding The Rat

February 1, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The WooFPAK have been outside before, countless times. It’s a large part of their routine. They’ve been all over the city and the nearby forests. The dogs have raced up and down trails, and they have explored the night, and

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 3 – Meeting The Intruder

January 22, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

The WooFPAK’s backyard is surrounded by a six foot tall privacy fence. The back portion of the yard is set up for the dogs to really have a place to run about. It doesn’t take long for Chase and Jag

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 2 – Start of the Backyard Adventure

January 14, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

Chase visibly wilts. “We aren’t going on a run?” “Not that I know about.” Hudson tilts his head to the side. He looks confused – but only for a moment. Then his ears perk up and his eyes go bright,

WooFPAK Heroes Episode 1 – Getting Ready To Go

January 5, 2016 | Posted in WooFPAK Heroes

“Jag! Jag, are you up yet?” Chase bounds over to the still sleeping husky, all white teeth and hanging tongue. The sun is only just starting to rise but it feels like he’s been awake for hours. Jag cracks open