September 11, 2015 | Posted in Canine Celebrity Critiques

at the Entertainment Weekly Magazine's 4th Annual Pre-Emmy Party. Republic, Los Angeles, CA. 08-26-06

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Know who my style icon is? She just had a baby boy! Yes, I’m an Ivanka Trump uber fan.

Even with a baby bump the size of her father’s ego (sorry, Donald, but you know it’s true), Ivanka knew how to dress up her figure. And she lights up my world with that megawatt smile of hers. If I knew I wouldn’t get swallowed up by the human-sized jewelry she designs, I’d definitely buy some!

She and her husband, Jared Kushner, said hello to their second child on October 14, 2013. And, yes, it was a bouncing baby boy. His older sister, Arabella Rose (b. 2011), was also mentioned in a tweet posted by new mom Ivanka just before midnight in New York on the night of his arrival.

Can you imagine what it’d be like to be born into that kind of wealth? You’d have all of the doggy delights you could ever want: Tennis balls, Kongs and Zeke’s treats as far as the canine eye can see – and that’s pretty far! You’d have The Donald for a grandfather and multiple grandmothers.


PUP-arazzi PUP

Oh, I’m getting dizzy just thinking of the possibilities. Well, a dog can dream, can’t she? Slurping up Perrier like it was tap water. Lying in the lap of silken luxury instead of sleeping on a scratchy little bed purchased at Petco, Target or (egads!) Walmart. A maid to hand feed me my kibble.

I suppose if I ever wanna make believe I’m a Trump I could snuggle up and take a doggy nap in one of Ivanka’s well-heeled shoe designs. What a cute canine photo that’d be. And you know I love photos. I’m a shutter bug who loves going out for long walks (a.k.a. celebrity sightings).

I guess you could call me the PUP-arazzi! And, hey, if the shoe fits? I’ll wear it!