September 11, 2015 | Posted in Canine Celebrity Critiques


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Our doggy hearts? And multiple shades of gray? George Clooney’s got ‘em in spades!

Call it puppy love. We don’t care! George Clooney’s our main man. We’d yelp it from the highest four-poster bed. We’d bark it across the most expansive dog park. We’d even wear “I Heart George Clooney!” t-shirts to an opposing male star’s film screening if we had the chance!

And, apparently, ours aren’t the only tongues wagging in his general direction. George Clooney fan sites are all over the web at: ClooneyFiles, ClooneysOpenHouse, FanMail, FanPop, imdb, Facebook and more. So, what is it that makes him as irresistible as this adorable pack of pups?

For one thing, he’s got longevity. Think back to TV’s The Facts of Life. Great ‘80s show. Made even greater by his 17 appearances as the dreamy and only slightly-older George Burnett. Then there were those 11 episodes of Roseanne. And, finally? ER. Hey, doc, how ‘bout some CPR?

Once film execs came sniffing around, George had audiences howling at his performances in South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Ocean’s Eleven (Twelve and Thirteen, too) and, our fave, Fantastic Mr. Fox. He’s even won an “Excellence in Film” award!


The PUP Pack

As far as dog issues go? People magazine reported that Clooney adopted his dog, Einstein, at a time when the canine was an “overweight shelter dog with an underactive thyroid” and dry eye. Now together for years, Clooney calls Einstein “a real teddy bear of a dog!”

“He loves me,” Clooney (the man we love calling Gorgeous George) told Esquire magazine. “I can do no wrong. He follows me everywhere.”

Talk about a fitting name: That’s one smart—and lucky—dog!!!