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arrives at the "UNICEF Playlist With The A-List" Concert

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Seamus Dever has been an actor since he was six years old. He’s appeared on numerous television programs, including “General Hospital” and “Army Wives”. But his career has taken on huge popularity with his role as Detective Kevin Ryan on the top-rated ABC-TV series “Castle”.

He is mostly low-key in terms of his celebrity status and doesn’t appear non-stop at parties or clubs. But the actor seems more than happy to use his fame to raise awareness for animal causes, including animal rescue.  He often makes appearances or lends his name to raise funds for such charities as Best Friends Animal Society, Farm Sanctuary, and Beagles and Buddies.

He and wife Juliana, an actress who appears as his wife on “Castle”, have spent years rescuing animals and finding them loving homes. Their first rescue dog was George, a Lab/Beagle mix, who was already nine years old when he came to live with them as a foster. Dever says he and Juliana aren’t so good as fosters – they end up adopting the animals themselves! George was ill when he first entered their lives. He had a cough and looked like he’d had a tough life. But the Devers fed him well, gave him plenty of love, and George lived happily with them for five more years before passing. He says you can often bring animals back from the dead, in a sense, with proper care and love and this happened with George. “We felt good watching George experience that,” he says.

There are two new rescues that have joined the Dever household – Sophie, a Corgi/German Shepherd mix, and Maizy, a Beagle. They, too, were adults when adopted. Dever says he’s partial to seniors because too few people look beyond age when adopting. With the hectic schedules of the Devers, he says seniors are good because they are mellower and better behaved, thus they can be trusted to be left alone for longer periods of time.

Loving animals is nothing new to Dever. He says his parents taught him a love and appreciation of animals. Long before it was officially called rescuing, his parents were taking in strays. “We never sought out pets, they came to us,” he says. And then the lucky strays stayed with the family till the day they died.

Dever takes being an animal lover one step beyond what might be the average, as well. He’s been a vegetarian for nearly 10 years. Again, his family set the example. His father has been a vegetarian for 50 years and has always reminded him to think about where his food was coming from.

No matter how busy he is filming “Castle”, which is about to start its sixth season, Dever always makes time to come home for snuggle time with Sophie and Maizy. “We rub heads for a little while,” he says. He claims they know that the pack leader is home. “I scratch and pet them to let them know very physically that I’m home. Then we do a little snugglin’.”