September 14, 2015 | Posted in Breeds and Stars


Talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael has had a long and successful career on radio and television, but she’s always found time to devote part of her life to a love of dogs.

She says she’s come from a “pet family”. Her first dog was an Airedale named Chummy. Since then a vast array of breeds has graced her life: Weimaraners, Beagles, a short-haired Fox Terrier, a Saint Bernard, Basset Hound, and an Irish Wolfhound named Kilcullen that she showed at the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden.

Today, she and husband Karl have three Affenpinschers – a fairly unusual but very attractive breed.

“We liked them because 20 years ago, they were a rare breed in the U.S.,” she says. “And they’re adorable, funny-looking and sweet, which I love, and they travel really well – all around easy and loving dogs.” Her Affenpinschers, she says, are funny and lively and have lots of personality.

She didn’t purposely seek out that breed – she first found and fell in love with Nissa, who just turned 19 and despite a few health problems is still “our baby”, she says. After learning to love Affenpinschers, Sally added two others – Princess Martha and Mabel.

Sally-Jesse-Dogs-350PXAll three dogs get along very well, the TV icon says, but each dog is independent and has her own personality.

“Nissa is the most intelligent dog we’ve ever had, of any breed,” says the proud “mom.”  Of Mabel, she says she is “very active and puppy-like in her behavior, even though in people years she’d be considered a senior!” And Princess Martha is the “resident lazy bones,” she reveals. “She likes to sleep and mooch off everyone else!”

This devout animal lover says she “could never be close to anyone who didn’t like dogs. If someone says to me, ‘I’m not a dog person,’ then I know right away that we’re not going to be close in any way.”

Sally Jessy splits her time between New York City, her farm in upstate New York, Palm Springs and Nice, France and is a fan of organic farming, wines, painting and traveling. But she is also developing a new web-based interview program coming out the end of the year. Her many fans can “like” her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter – @SJRaphael – for more details on upcoming projects.

But despite how busy she might have been or is currently, she will always make time for her dogs, who are her children, she says.  “I’ve never been without dogs in my life, and I never plan to be!”